DCS - Dynamic Charge Sprayer 120V or 240V

Dynamic Charge Sprayers by Grow Solutions are the next level of foliar coverage. Specifically designed for greenhouse or indoor cultivation environment.

The DCS can drastically reduce waste of chemical or nutritive usage during spraying. The solution targets the plant and very little solution ends up on the ground or other surfaces. DCS offers complete under leaf coverage targetting many pests such as aphids & mites.

Benefits of DCS Systems
- Save up to 40% less chemical usage
- Achieve the same results with10 times less water
- Easily reach the underside of plant canopy with ease
- Micro droplets created by DCS are 900 times smaller
- Absolute uniformity of spray onto target surface
- Achieve greater spray coverage

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Grow Solutions offers a unique technology for horticulture and indoor gardening. The DCS (Dynamically Charged Sprayer) is a heavy duty, self contained, highly efficientsprayer that utilizes an electronic charge technology.

Using the DCS system creates a natural force of attraction between the spray micro droplets and the targeted plant surface. DCS offers complete under leaf coverage targetting many pests such as aphids & mites.


- 40 micron droplets
- Low volume
- Greatly reduces water usage
- Less fuel usage; through fewer tank refills
- Many different models custom built to meet your needs
- Deep spray penetration – air assist moves droplets into the plant
- Active ingredient usage is reduced by 25-50%
- Quick drying time – less drift
- Ceramic nozzle
- Optional flow discs to vary flow rate
- Reduce environmental impact
- Superior spray technology perfect for indoor environments and greenhouses

Also available in 240V.

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Additional Info

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